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We Are a Leading Florida Cleaning and Janitorial Service Company

Gator Cleaning Solutions is one of the leading and fastest growing cleaning and janitorial company in the state of Florida. For this reason, we are continuing to expand our cleaning services and customer base. As a result, we are constantly growing with many advancement opportunities and we need a dedicated team of professionals in a wide variety of areas.


Demands High Standards

Here at Gator Cleaning Solutions, we demand high standards. Throw away all your knowledge and old concepts of the cleaning and janitorial industry. It is no longer a low class profession, but it is a career for professionals. Technology has evolved, and there are many aspects of this job that requires trained personnel to be in the facility knowing exactly what they are doing. Otherwise, the damage could be costly. With many facilities with very intricate parts and requiring delicate touches, it is no longer a job for just ANYONE. It is mind boggling to see how many companies hire custodians from the streets or CraigsList who are incapable of handling the job professionally. It doesn’t matter if you have been in this industry 1 or 10 years, you will have to go through our training so you can meet our HIGH standards.


Become a Professional

You are no longer “just a janitor” or “just a worker.” You are a professionally-trained technician of Gator Cleaning Solutions when you put on our uniform. We are not looking for someone who just wants to earn some “extra cash,” we are looking for someone who wants to put forth hard and honest labor in order to advance in the company. Only trained Certified Technicians of Gator Cleaning Solutions will be allowed to enter any of our client’s buildings unsupervised. In your training period, you will be working with an assigned personal trainer/supervisor who will be working with you until you have achieved certified status. As a Certified Technician, it is mandatory for all of our technicians to attend seminars, work-shops and training programs for further education and knowledge.


Certification Training Includes

  • Maintenance and basic cleaning operations
  • Safety program: slip and fall prevention
  • Productivity
  • Floor maintenance of vinyl, hardwood, and stone
  • Cleaning ceramic tiles
  • Carpet care
  • Equipment buffer machines, scrubbing machines
  • Chemicals dosing
  • OSHA blood borne pathogen, OSHA hazard communication
  • Patient room disinfection
  • Educational facility disinfection
  • Business facility disinfection
  • Basic cleaning techniques
  • Restroom sanitation
  • Window washing


Rewards Program

Our rewards program for our Custodians/Technicians is comprised of cash incentives, gift cards, electronics and vacation resort tickets. It is the program with points system. As you put forth hard and honest work at our job sites, you will be rewarded with points and you can redeem those points for prizes. There are three ways you can earn points.

  • Every two weeks, you will earn points if you do not receive any complaints from your job sites
  • Every month, you will earn points as one of our Q.C. (quality control) officers stop by at your job sites to inspect the building randomly.
  • On their weekend projects (such as Carpet Cleaning, Strip and Waxing Projects, Floor Restorations and etc.), you are able to earn points depending on your performance.
  • This is just another program we are proudly offering to our workers for their HARD & HONEST LABOR!


Many Advancement Opportunities

Many advancement opportunities awaits you in this company if you are indeed qualified.

  • Supervisor
  • Trainer
  • Inspector
  • Window Washing Technician
  • Carpet Technician
  • Floor Technician
  • Sales Agent/Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Upper Management positions


It’s a Career Path

Our internal training program focuses on teaching you the skills and processes that have helped many of our employees starting out as a Custodian, Appointment Setter or Sales Associate to grow into various upper management roles (stated above) throughout the company. As one of the leading and fastest growing companies in the Bay area, this might be the road to your career success. We are looking for professionals who believe in honest hard work labor and professionalism! We are always accepting resumes for the following positions:


Currently We Are Looking For

  • Nightly Custodial/Cleaning Staff
  • Day-Porter Cleaning Staff
  • Carpet Technician
  • Floor Technician
  • Appointment Setter/Sales Associate


How Do I Apply?

  1. Download an employment application here: *CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD* .
  2. Print out the application
  3. Fill out the application completely
  4. Send the application to the following address or email


Gator Cleaning Solutions Human Resource Department 11451 Challenger Ave Odessa, Florida 33556.

Questions? Contact us via email.