Daycare Cleaning Services

Keep Your Daycare Clean and Safe with a Customized Cleaning Plan from Gator Cleaning Solutions.

Daycare center and school cleaning plays an important role in keeping children healthy and comfortable when they’re away from their parents. Data has painted a very clear picture of how important a clean environment is to a child’s mental health.

Gator Cleaning Solutions is committed to providing comprehensive cleaning for your daycare center, preschool, kindergarten, or childcare center in Florida. Our team utilizes the safest and proven products and procedures to fit each of our customer’s needs and to keep their children feeling great.


Our Daycare Center Cleaning Services Include:

  • Cleaning restrooms
  • Cleaning and organizing classroom and sleeping areas
  • Cleaning faculty kitchen, office spaces, and break rooms
  • Cleaning and organizing interior and exterior toy/play areas and playground equipment


Why A Clean Daycare Center Is Important:

We know that any situation involving children elevates the importance of it. Daycare centers, preschools, kindergartens, or childcare centers face cleaning challenges that are unique to those environments. There are greater risks of illness to children with dirty or improperly cleaned areas.


Gator Cleaning Solutions is constantly researching and implementing the most effective antimicrobial products and procedures to prevent our little leaders of tomorrow from unnecessary exposure to bacteria and illness. With a daycare cleaning program by Gator Cleaning Solutions, you won’t have to worry about children’s safety and can have peace of mind that your daycare center, preschool, kindergarten, or childcare center is a clean and safe environment.


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