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Gator Cleaning Solutions are Experts in Cleaning Schools, Daycares, and Colleges.

Efficient school cleaning plays a large role in keeping a healthy learning environment and community for students of all ages. Hundreds and often thousands of children and adults are in a single environment for hours at a time, day after day. The expanding data has painted a very clear picture as to how important a clean safe environment is to productive learning. Gator Cleaning Solutions is committed to finding the most safe and proven products and procedures to fit each customers needs.

Gator Cleaning Solutions knows that any situation involving children elevates the importance level. Early Educational facilities including public and private schools, as well as daycares face cleaning challenges unique to other educational institutions. Because 20% of our nation attends these schools, they are four times as densely occupied as commercial office spaces, and more heavily used. There are greater risks to children because the learning space is so close to the floor and therefore requires specifically close monitoring of chemicals and toxins. Also, like medical facilities there tend to be many aggressive bacteria exchange within the walls of our children’s learning space.

Gator Cleaning Solutions is constantly researching the most effective and safe antimicrobial products to prevent our little leader of tomorrow from unnecessary exposure to environmental bacteria.


Our School Cleaning Services Include:

  • Restrooms
  • Sleeping areas
  • Kitchen
  • Toys/play equipment

Data suggests that facilities instituting higher education also face serious challenges. In one study, eighty-eight percent of college students reported that the lack of cleanliness becomes a distraction when cleanliness descends to the third level. Quality school cleaning is especially critical for colleges and universities to look their best; students need to be healthy in order to maximize learning and prospective students and visitors make judgments and often base their decisions upon the image the school portrays. A clean productive environment can be the tipping point in ones decision.

With budgets being cut annually, Gator Cleaning Solutions understands the challenges administrators face in maintaining their institutions with quality and cost-effectiveness. With a safe and clean environment, students and educators will be able to focus on the important steps of creating our future leaders.



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